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Beth McColl

Why I'm not rebranding myself this year, and neither should you

The person I am today doesn't deserve to be updated or replaced.

How I've learnt to date – and live – with an insecure attachment style

Even those of us with insecure attachment styles – with difficult past experiences, with hurt – can have love, can give love, and can do so on terms that make sense to us.

What it's like to try and wean yourself off antidepressants after 10 years

‘They’re a pain in the arse to stop taking, but these antidepressants were life-saving for me at several points over the last decade and I wouldn’t change that’

As an investigation finds that female reality TV stars are disproportionately targeted online, is it finally time we cancelled Love Island? 

If the show can't learn from its tragic past, and if we can't learn to be kinder, should it really continue?

When is it time to break up with your therapist? Here's when you should give it another go, straight-up ghost, or mutually part ways

When it comes to the relationship between you and a mental health professional, trust is vital.
Mental Health

This summer promised freedom and joy, so why did it end up being so damn disappointing?

The weather was dreadful, the news was bleak, Love Island was only okay, the rules were confusing and everyone and their nan was getting pinged back into the house.
Love Island

After six years on the air, has Love Island learnt from its past mistakes? Here's why this season must do better, and why we as viewers must be kinder

"An appearance on the show almost guarantees scrutiny, criticism, vile abuse"
Mental Health

Post-pandemic friendships: Can our happiness at being back together exist alongside sorrow and uncertainty?

Can our happiness at being back together exist alongside sorrow and uncertainty? I think it can. I think it has to.

The struggles of dating after lockdown: It's been a year of restrictions, grief and loss so you really don't have to 'wow' every charming stranger

I’m trying to see the good in this new way of doing things, but it’s hard to feel flirty and thriving when you have to book your local pub seven weeks in advance.
Mental Health

Why I was afraid to confront my ADHD until I was 27, and what I wish I'd known about getting a diagnosis

I have a ‘quiet’ presentation of ADHD and I learned to mask symptoms as they became more pronounced.

One year on from the start of the pandemic, here are the devastating effects it's had on our mental health

This month marks a full year since the UK's first lockdown.
Valentine's Day

The freedom & possibility that made being single exciting doesn’t exist RN but I'm still celebrating Valentine's Day and you should too

'Love can happen at a distance. We can hold each other through this.'
Mental Health

Why 2021 should be the year to bring back New Year's resolutions

It can be a wonderful thing to set a goal and work towards it.
Mental Health

Why now could be the perfect time to examine your relationship with alcohol and try staying sober through December

I’ve learned that heavy drinking doesn’t ease anxiety, it simply defers it.

'I don’t want saving anymore': This is what it's like dating with a mental illness

I understand now that in a good relationship, mental health support is a collaborative and loving experience.
Mental Health

Winter is coming and it’s going to be really hard on a lot of us. Here's how to prioritise your mental health this season

We can look for where loneliness lives and put our light, money and our time there.
Mental Health

Lockdown Remorse: Do you feel like you've wasted an opportunity for growth? You're not alone

It’s not just alright to have done very little of material consequence during a global pandemic; it’s totally understandable.
Mental Health

Are you guilty of doomscrolling? How the unhealthy new social media trend is eroding your mental health

Beth McColl on having a social media break and why doomscrolling is the worst.