Huda Beauty’s iconic Liquid Matte Lipstick is about to be relaunched bigger and better 

New formula and a shade range extension, what a treat!
Huda Beauty has just relaunched their iconic Liquid Matte Lipstick

Huda Beauty is about to re-launched her iconic Liquid Matte lipsticks, but this upgrade comes with a new and improved formula for those iconic OG hues and an extended shade range to suit all skin tones and undertones. The new formula comes in a vegan-friendly format, in a more malleable with smoother texture and new shades, so if you didn’t before, you are bound to find one that suits you this time around.

Huda Kattan tells GLAMOUR why she decided to go ahead and reformulated an already loved product and how it differs from the previous ones: “They are now vegan-friendly, transfer-proof (ideal for mask-wearing – just make sure they have dried first), simple to apply — with one stroke application and while they were super comfortable before, they are even more comfortable now — it honestly feels like you’re not wearing anything.”

As for the shade extension, Huda identified some gaps that they felt were missing in their OG Liquid Matte Lipsticks, so they are now available in 16 shades. “The shade that I’m most excited for everyone to try is our Miss America ruby red shade. It’s truly a universal red, which is so hard to do, but I can honestly say that it’s stunning on all lips!” She says.

The new formula promises to deliver vibrant colour coverage with one swipe and staying power up to eight hours. We asked Huda how she avoids the cracking and drying often associated with liquid lipsticks and she tells us: “I hate when mattes do this, which is why we worked so hard to make sure that our Huda Beauty Liquid Mattes don't dry or crack! To achieve this, we’ve used our own unique L.O.V.E. formula – Lycopene, Olive Oil, Vitamin A&E which helps with hydration and
keeping them malleable and comfortable.”  she also adds: “If you’re using another matte lipstick that tends to crack and dry, it can definitely help if you prep lips by using a lip scrub to create beautiful smooth lips followed by applying a good lip balm.”

Huda also shared her go-to shades: “Bombshell for every day, Icon for date night, and Miss America for the perfect red.” The OG Beauty influencer herself told us to try these new formulas, so that's exactly what we did and here are five people's honest opinions.

The product:

Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick 2.0, £18, Cult Beauty

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The reviews:

Sophie Cockett, GLAMOUR’s Commerce Editor

Shade: Baby Doll

“In all honesty, I haven't been one for a matte lip in *years*. I tend to opt for a gloss, a balm or a lipstick with a bit of a sheen 90% of the time. That said, I'm a die-hard Huda Beauty fan, and their eyeshadows, eyebrow products, and foundation are mainstays in my makeup bag. So, it was no real surprise that this matte liquid lipstick converted me. 

I went for the shade Baby Doll which is a pretty, pink shade. It applies like a dream (even skimming over the weather-induced dry patches on my lips) and feels really lightweight. Not as though you're wearing a matte lipstick at all. My only complaint? As with many liquid lipsticks, it fades from the centre of your lips first - so I was left with a bit of a "lip liner" effect by the afternoon. Not that it put me off wearing it many times again.”

Rating: 8/10

Shei Mamona, GLAMOUR’s Beauty & Entertainment Assistant

Shade: Slaytina

I loved the OG Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipsticks, so I really did wonder how Huda would be able to upgrade. I love the direction that the brand is taking by creating more products that are vegan, I am also not ever opposed to more shades, variety is the spice of life after all, gimme all…

I lined my lips with a lip liner to avoid the colour bleeding. I tried the shade ‘slaytina’ and I’ll admit I was heavily influenced by the name. On first impressions, the product looks the same, packaging-wise, but once you swipe that duo foot wand across your lips, that’s where the magic happens. This new formula glides so smoothly across the lips, with a velvety feel that will make you want to add more and more. However, you won’t need much, I had to apply three layers, one to shade match my lips as they are duo coloured due to my dark skin, third to really make the colour pop against my dark complexion. I want to give the other red shades a try to see if another one would suit my undertone better, but all in all, it’s a yes from me.

Congratulations Huda, you won!

Rating: 8/10

Luca-Wetherby Matthews, GLAMOUR’s Social Media Assistant

Shade: First Class

“I'll admit, I haven't reached for a liquid lipstick in a long time, so I was wary applying the Liquid Matte Lipstick as it's a bit out of my comfort zone nowadays. I tried the colour First Class, which looks like a dark mauve in the packaging but showed up as a deep purple on my lips, which I was surprised by. 

I did really enjoy the feel of the formula, though. It was easy to apply (I'll definitely apply a lip liner first next time as the edges can be difficult to smooth out with just the lipstick) and dried within a couple of minutes, with a lightweight feeling and matte finish. Once dried, the formula is pretty damn transfer and budge-proof, so a solid recommendation if you're heading out with your mask on.”

Rating: 7/10

Saffy Altmeyer-Ennis, Conde Nast’s Events Manager

Shade: Miss America

Liquid Matte Lipstick. Three words that I've never quite understood the hype behind, but then again I am a girl who loves a bit of gloss. So when Huda's new and improved version was delivered, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. Firstly, wow, what a shade range, it was hard to pick a favourite. Having a new love for red lipstick, I decided to try Miss America, an intense red that truly packs a punch. The first thing I noticed when opening it was the scent… the only way I can describe it is malibu and coke, a stark reminder of my early university days.

The first application proved why the OG of this product was so adored. The texture is very creamy and quick to apply and glides on thinly which helps the staying power. Once dry, my lips felt so soft I forgot I was even wearing matte lipstick, which is always a pro for me. The only downside is when applying this you do need to be very careful, as when Huda says this is streak proof, and lasts for 8 hours, they truly mean that (so have q-tips on hand if you're slightly messy applier like me!). 

Rating: 8/10

Elle Turner, GLAMOUR's Beauty Editor

Shade: Icon

If you're a fan of the OG Huda Matte Lipsticks, don't fret, the new-gen is just as iconic as ever. The updated formula is vegan friendly, feels lighter than before and the additional ingredients (such as olive oil and vitamin E) make it a little more moisturising. 

The pigment is outstanding and the staying power is really impressive, my only con is it's a little tricky and messy to apply, but it's worth the effort as the finish is stunning. Plus, when I can't be bothered to apply it with precision, I dot a little in the centre of my lips and blend it out for a more diffused look that's super low maintenance.

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