People are calling this the best highlighter to come out of 2021

Believe the hype.
Best Highlighter Of 2021 Why People Are Obsessed With This Product
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Remember when the internet was raving about Jess Hunt’s REFY Brow Collection last year? Well, now the talk of the town is the REFY highlighter (AKA the best highlighter to come out of 2021).

The REFY Gloss Highlighter dropped in June 2021 as part of the brand’s second collection, Summer Skin. The brand specialises in “your skin but better” staples to help everyone embrace their natural beauty, and this dewy skin saviour is no exception.

The colour itself is a pearlescent gold with champagne undertones, which according to the brand makes it suitable for all skin tones and perfect for achieving that healthy sunkissed look (despite the very distinct absence of any actual sun). Its lightweight, non-stick formula means it can be used as a primer or on top of makeup for extra glow.

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This beauty is buildable so whether you want to keep it sheer or layer it up is your choice. It's packed with natural oils and minerals to add moisture to the skin and help it glide on effortlessly.

REFY claims that this miracle product gives users “the perfect glass-like glow.” And from what we’ve seen, they’re right.

TikTok user @kkrystalmarie put REFY’s Gloss Highlighter in Topaz to the test, dabbing the formula across her cheekbone. We agree, it looks stunning.

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Krystal also dabbed some onto her chin with a beauty blender to tie the look together, and to that we are taking notes.

Another beauty lover on TikTok, @vandanakan, tried the liquid highlighter too, stippling the product across her face with a brush.

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“It didn’t lift anything I had on under it," she said as she worked the product across her cheekbones. After her application, she marveled, “It just catches the light, it's so good."

The reviews alone make it worthy of its best highlighter title. Need more convincing? The product, like other REFY products, is vegan and cruelty-free, and its packaging is completely recyclable. So, as part of Veganuary, why not give this a whirl? 

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GLAMOUR Tries: The internet is going wild for Jess Hunt's REFY Brow Collection - but is it worth the hype?

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