Skincare trends that are going to transform your routine in 2022

Find out what's in store for your skin 
Skincare Trends 2022 The Biggest Innovations And Latest Ingredients

From switching up your serum, to vowing to choose more sustainable products, to adopting the latest ingredient, here are the biggest skincare trends guaranteed to bring your skincare routine into 2022 and beyond. 

Skin Rewilding

Rewilding is all about conserving wilderness areas, making sure not to strip the land or disrupt natural processes. When it comes to your skin, rewilding means protecting its unique microbiome and respecting its natural balance.

In 2021 we saw worldwide searches for probiotic moisturisers grew 140% on Google and a throng of new products promising to protect and strengthen the skin barrier launched, including Gallinée, pioneers in microbiome skincare, Cultured, which treats your skin like the ecosystem it actually is, Esse, which offers bio-clinical probiotic-based products.

This year, we can expect even more of a focus on rewilding with more innovation (think pH balanced formulas, friendly bacteria-boosting ingredients and products that create a barrier themselves to reign supreme) as well as new brands emerging, including Kinship, which likens itself to a support system for your skin barrier, is expected to launch into Cult Beauty over the next few months.

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Magical Mushrooms

According to trend forecasters WGSN, searches for mushrooms on Google related to beauty and fitness have been growing worldwide over the past five years, with 49% year on year growth between 2019 to 2020 and UK retailers have increased their mushroom offerings by 50%.

Mushrooms are far from a new ingredient when it comes to health and wellness – they’ve been used for their healing properties in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries, but they are also potent antioxidants and are natural anti-inflammatory when applied in topical formulas, making them a great choice for irritated or inflamed skin.

Plus, as we take a more holistic approach to our skin, calling on kinder formulas rather than harsh actives, mushrooms make the perfect hybrid ingredient to cater to both the wellness side of our routines while providing visible benefits.

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Skin Kindness

After years of triple cleansing, stripping actives and exfoliating acid cocktails, 2022 will see a new, more intuitive array of skincare trends.  “Intuitive Beauty is the process of using products in loose rotation, based on what your skin actually needs, rather than a strict, repetitive regime,” explains Lucy Macdougald, dermatologist and founder of Australian brand Biologi. “It’s about trusting your instincts about what your skin needs, not just applying products as per your daily process.”

“The skincare industry has been growing at breakneck speed, but there is a great deal of confusion and misinformation out there,” says Shivraj Bassi, industry insider and founder of award-winning nutrition brand Innermost. “As a result, many in the industry are noticing a trend towards consumers looking to reduce the complexity around skincare routines and avoid the use of heavy products that may be counterproductive. Instead, there will be much more focus on creating skincare that incorporates nutrition as well as topical products that look to address and prevent problems before they arise.”

There will also be a shift towards emotional beauty, or “emo-beauty”. According to Alexia Inge, co-founder of Cult Beauty, we’re increasingly valuing how a product makes us feel as well as how it makes us look. “Efficacious brands that market themselves by mood will be the hot tickets for 2022 onwards,” she says. “Whether through an anti-anxiety CBD-infused body oil, defragging reiki-ed face mist, energy-boosting transdermal vitamin patch or spirit enhancing aromatherapeutic mask, consumers are looking to infuse emotional support into the products they buy.”

A Focus On Water

In 2022, we’ll see more brands turning their attention to water, with BYOW (bring your own water) products like solid or powdered skincare (including retinol bars from solid skincare brand SBTRCT), packaging that dissolves on contact with water (including PLUS’s range of body wash sachets that disappear entirely in the shower), and skincare that is designed to work with cold rather than hot water for a more environmentally friendly approach.

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