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Is drinking blood safe? Doctors weigh in

The doctors we spoke to were very, very clear about the many dangers of drinking blood – even if you're Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly.

What does it mean to get an abnormal smear test result?

220,000 people with a cervix are told they have abnormal cells every year.

With 70% of women feeling shame around an HPV diagnosis, here's everything you need to know about the condition and the vaccine

This Cervical Cancer Prevention Week, it's time to break the taboo. 
Mental Health

How to boost your serotonin levels this Blue Monday

More of the happy hormone, please.

Why it's time we stopped trying to have all the answers, and embraced the power of saying ‘I don't know’ 

How using this ‘scary’ phrase more often might be the freedom you're looking for. 

How a trip to St. Lucia totally transformed my definition of wellness

I checked in to The Harbor Club, and checked out with a new sense of self.

Why I'm not rebranding myself this year, and neither should you

The person I am today doesn't deserve to be updated or replaced.

A new study has confirmed a link between the Covid-19 vaccine and periods

“These results provide, for the first time, an opportunity to counsel women about what to expect from COVID-19 vaccination.”

7 big questions about having sex while pregnant, answered

You may feel more turned on than normal.